Level of confidence among undergraduate students in Lahore


  • Saira Ashraf Clinical psychologist, Behavioral Science Lead, Pantellica Author




Background: Student’s self-confidence about their study is important indicator to judge their ability to choose a good career and decisions about themselves. No local study is present to assess confidence of undergraduate students in Pakistan. Objective: To assess level of self-confidence about study among undergraduate students. Methodology: This was a descriptive cross sectional survey done on 359 undergraduate students in community of Lahore, Pakistan. After taking consent, their demographic information was taken. “Academic Confidence Scale ACS” scale was used to assess confidence level in 15 items. Data was entered and analyze using SPSS 24. Mean and standard deviation was given for numbered and frequency and percentage was given for categorical data. Results: Among 359 students, there were 231 (64%) females and 128 (46%) males with an average age of 21.23 years. They were “confident” in confidence in giving a presentation to a small group of fellow students or friends (80.77%), in completing the assignment based on required criteria (69%) and in their confidence in seeking help for unclear concepts (65%). Overall, mostly they were either confident or more confident, followed by less confident in all questions. Conclusion: This study concludes that undergraduate students are generally confident about their studies including their ability to understand, communicate, teamwork and examination.

Keywords: Grades, Students, Confidence, Lecture, Scale, Undergraduate, Career


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