Occupational Health And Safety In Drug Manufacturing Industry: A Short Review


  • Muhammad Maaz Arif Department of Medical Education, University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan Author




Background: Not much is known about the health risks of workplace in the drug manufacturing industry. While the pharmaceutical industries seem safe superficially, the production of medicines demand a well maintained and clean working atmosphere and the typical depiction of employees wearing white coats add to the illusion. Objective: To document occupational health and safety in drug manufacturing industry. Methods: Large-scale research was conducted to assess the health, safety and efficacy of specific drugs before their marketing and distribution, however only a few surveys have examined the occupational health and safety of employees who manufacture these drugs. Results: There are many irritants and drugs that cause risk to health, these include powdered penicillin, nicotinic compounds, Local anaesthetics, chloroform, sulfonechloramides, benzene, mepacrine, acriflavine and sulfonating agents. The most crucial aspects of efficient pharmaceutical safety management are knowing and recognising the danger of hazardous facility and hazard discharge. The easiest method to avoid difficulties is to eliminate the danger or employ substitution (choosing the least toxic or safest product or process available). Furthermore, it appears plausible to anticipate that chemical-related health impacts of pharmaceutical industry activity, long-term effects, in particular, are likely under-reported and understated. Other dangers (for example, ergonomic design and stressors) are reported more frequently in internal company systems, but are rarely acknowledged in public. Conclusion: General safety guidelines and rules for drug manufacturing safety should be followed. These include; not to work alone in the laboratory, never use pipette with mouth, wear goggles or safety glasses in the laboratory, practice personal hygiene rules, do not eat or drink in the laboratory, use PPE and the practice of good housekeeping techniques.
Keywords: Occupational health and safety, drug manufacturing, Pharma industry, international standards 


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